We know the last thing you want to do is sit around listening to a cookie-cutter presentation.  At Brazen Maven (SM), tailor each presentation to the characteristics and culture of your audience, providing information and tools attendees can act on as soon as they return to work.  Or, our presenters are happy to create a completely customized workshop, training session or seminar (in-person or online) for your event. Contact us today to learn more.

Workshops & Seminars

Credit: Robert Linder

Credit: Robert Linder

Rev Up Your Start-up

Whether in the start-up phase or already established, businesses can be stuck, without direction or strategy for growing and moving forward. We'll focus on strategies to set your business on a path to action.


Brazen, Quick & Dirty Crash Course in Branding

It's elusive. It's mysterious. It's undefined. It's your brand identity. If you're down grappling with the concept of branding, this webinar will help you understand what branding means for your business, and how to build a brand strategically.


Building & Cultivating Networks to Grow Your Business

Hone your networking skills and learn where and how to engage new connections and potential clients. We'll do a quick refresher on networking basics, focus on strategies for building relationships beyond happy hours.



Social Media Bootcamp

Social media has become essential to a business’ promotional efforts because online is where people, increasingly, are spending their personal and professional time exponentially. A strong marketing integration strategy can help you manage the competing applications and allow you to focus on business.


Leveraging LinkedIn

Learn techniques for utilizing professional social networks to market your business. You'll come away understanding social media culture, messaging and developing, and leveraging a network.


Content Development Strategy

Print and online collateral represent the characteristics of a company when the owner can’t be there, conveying the appropriate message, brand and level of information. The content, look and feel must consistently signal quality, while delivering an effective message about services and opportunities. Learn tactics to develop dynamic content.


Marketing Materials That Rock!

You must connect with the average customer 7 times to deliver a message. In this age of sensory overload, it may take more. Learn the foundations of producing professional, well-crafted materials.