About Us

A division of G.L. Honeycutt Consulting, LLC, Brazen Maven(SM) brings the strategies and tactics of effective marketing communications to the average professional, empowering entrepreneurs, nonprofit executives and anyone with the BRAZEN spirit to be bold, audacious, creative and aware. Our collaborative model combines the skills and expertise of independent consultants to deliver results for our clients.

Our Team


Gaea L. Honeycutt, Chief Creative Officer

Gaea L. Honeycutt, Chief Creative Officer of Brazen Maven(SM), is a leadership communicator, freelance reporter and policy researcher who brings her Brazen practicality to professionals across the country through consulting and seminars, teaching the art of bold — shame-free — self-promotion.

Ms. Honeycutt has dedicated more than 20 years to effectively researching, understanding and communicating ideas, services and products. Her dynamic career has taken her from the halls of academia, to the steadfast centers of communities, to the fast-paced expressways of entrepreneurship. Her clients have included Silver Diner, Average Girl Magazine, Redwood Enterprise, LLC and C. Farrell Johnson Fine Arts, LLC.

She earned her BA with a concentration in Public Relations and Management from Bentley University, MPP from the University of Chicago, and an advanced graduate study certificate from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Ms. Honeycutt is Co-Founder and Chairwoman of the Northern Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce. She is also a member of the American Evaluation Association, Consulting Women, the National Coalition Black Women's Roundtable, and Washington Network Group.


Therese Arkenberg, Associate Consultant

Therese Arkenberg lives her passion for sustainable nonprofits and socially minded enterprises through the use of her skills in editing, research, communications and social media, and a mix of creativity and focused strategy.  She has worked in event planning, written website content, drafted research papers and case studies, created newsletters for both internal and external use, set up websites and e-mail newsletter lists, prepared marketing plans, and led multiple crowdfunding campaigns for charitable and creative causes.  For the past seven years, she has marketed her own creative writing through a variety of publications, using blogs, web pages, forums and social media networks.  Ms. Arkenberg graduated from Carroll University with a bachelors degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics after spending a semester in Washington in International Environment and Development at American University.


Adrienne Lewis, Associate Consultant

As an artist of all stripes, Adrienne Lewis enjoys both traditional canvas and computer desktops as outlets for her creativity.  She has served as an infographic and graphic designer for more than 14 years, creating designs for corporations, nonprofits, associations and small businesses of all sizes. During the span of her career, Ms. Lewis has worked at such media organizations as USA Today, The Baltimore Sun and Bloomberg Government. In particular, she is an expert in logo design and document layout, but has applied her talent to websites, books, and marketing collateral. Ms. Lewis earned her B.S. in Studio Art from Tennessee State University.

Strategic Partners

At Brazen Maven, we create collaborative partnerships with key professionals to deliver the services our clients require in order to achieve success.  This model allows us to move nimbly and provide value across a range of business functions.